Nail Designs

LUXITA creates high fashion nail collections, from minimalistic elegance to elaborate chic. The sky is the limit. View our selections of nail designs below. Nail consultation is available to customize something one-of-a kind for you.

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Dare to Dazzle, Diamond collection

The “Dare to Dazzle” collection features high grade diamonds of varying sizes, shapes and colors that can be applied directly to the nail bed for the ultimate sparkle. This collection is geared for the lady who loves diamonds with a passion and also loves to shine. LUXITA diamonds can be re-applied for a lifetime and come with a warranty that covers loose stones and options for replacement at a fraction of the stone cost. At LUXITA, a girl’s best friend is always on hand.

Art Mastery With Ita-Art

Ita-art is a specialized Japanese hand painted art which uses the nail bed as a canvas. Its roots trace back to Akihabara, the manga and anime mecca of Japan. Designs popularly include manga and anime characters, movie star face or pet. Because this intricate art is painted directly to the nails, it redefines the meaning of "living art". This nail technique requires skill at a painting master level and extreme attention to detail. LUXITA’s ita-nail artists are among the founders of ita-art, recognized by nail fans world-wide.

Omotenashi JAPAN collection

LUXITA’s Omotenashi Japan collection encompasses iconic symbols, landscapes and art from the heart of Japan. Many colors from the Omotenashi collection are hand blended to replicate the true colors of Japan. Our debut collection “AIZOME” features original Japanese Indigo Blue AIZOME Tie-dye designs that match any occasion from casual to business, to gala formal or kimono, which suit both long and short nails. Experience harmony and balance through Japanese living art on your fingertips and toes.

Seasonal Fashion Line-Up

From colors and patterns to holiday inspired decoration, in both simple and decadent designs, customers can select from the latest styles trending worldwide. Designs change with the season and are all original LUXITA creates nail collections. Each season LUXITA will debut an original and exclusive fashion nail collection that embodies the seasonal must-haves, that suit their taste and style.